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As the old saying goes, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, which is pretty much the same to say that you can make this a lemonade life, just like we do here at lemonade-life.com. This drink is usually made with water, sugar and of course lemon, but what many people do not know is that there are way many recipes. There are clear lemonade recipes, a term used in Western European countries referring to unsweetened water or carbonated soda water with lemon juice added; cloudy lemonade recipes, a British for a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and uncarbonated water common in the United States, Canada, Pakistan, India and Iran; and fizzy recipes, French sweet carbonated lemon soft drinks. Talk about a diverse lemonade life.

Other recipes include pink lemonade, which may be artificially flavored and colored. On the other hand, natural sources of the pink color include grenadine, cherry juice, red grapefruit juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, strawberry juice and pomegranate juice, all of which may also affect taste. The invention of this drink is sometimes credited to Henry E. Allott, and other times to Pete Conklin. Regardless of who came up with it, this beverage has given us the opportunity of seeing our lemonade life through pink colored glasses. Additionally, there are red lemonade recipes and brown lemonade recipes. The former is popular in the Republic of Ireland, while the latter is frequently drunk in Northern Ireland. A close relative of all this recipes is limeade, a similar drink made with lime juice instead of lemon. Fortunately, in a lemonade life lemon and lime can live together in perfect harmony.

The counterpart of good ol' homemade lemon drink is the one commercially produced and sold. This may have added preservatives as well as contain dyes and artificial flavors. Notwithstanding that, there is also diet lemonade available. It tends to have fewer calories. Furthermore, diet lemonade may be sugar free. On a related note, there are even diets based on this drink, so it is clear that this drink has more uses other than just being a summer refresher. Some of its purposes serving as a drink mixer and reducing kidney stone formation. Traditionally, lemon-based drinks stands have also been a source of income for children.

Stands are a staple of in the United States and Canada, where three types of lemonade recipes are usually available; freshly squeezed, powdered mix, and slush. Freshly squeezed is the classic example made with lemon juice, water, and sugar. Powdered mix is pretty common also, commercialized by fruit drink producing companies. Slush is popular at theme parks, fairs, and other summer outdoor events, it includes shaved ice, lemon juice and/or pieces, and sugar. Little liquid is actually used in the preparation, as the melting ice provides liquid. In summary, lemonade-life.com reminds you to raise your glass and make a toast to a lemonade life.


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